About Erin

A little more about me


I’m a personal life coach, motivational speaker, twice published author and also write positive lifestyle articles for a local magazine.


Despite these accomplishments however, my most important role to date, rewarding yet challenging is mindful mama to our 3 very active little boys!

Some of my great loves are walks along the beach, browsing through op shops, writing, creating, essential oils, crystals and spending time with my little family. 


My previous career roles have been quiet diverse. I have a background in hospitality and travel, disability and mental health and business management. 

From a young age, I played the role of a listener, supporting and encouraging my peers. My husband is still surprised when complete strangers approach me in the supermarket and share their concerns with me, concerns very often they have never shared with anyone else before! 

Trained in a variety of modalities and practices including Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Life Coaching, Mindfulness and Meditation, I have had the privileged to work with clients all around Australia and also run my own empowerment workshops, retreats, women's circles and group events.

Why The Inspired Life?


I truly believe that when we are living an inspired life, full of excitement, energy and anticipation we are happier, more joyful, we feel fulfilled and therefore grateful.

  The commitment to seek, embrace and experience joy in our everyday lives requires us to understand that day to day life and it's challenges will always be present but when met with a commitment to live an inspired life we can begin to rediscover our true zest for life!

Have you abandoned your dreams?


Several years ago, I had hit rock bottom, I found myself depressed, heavily medicated and spending days at a time in bed. My marriage, friendships and career were suffering and I had abandoned all my dreams. I was lacking life direction, purpose and meaning.

This I believe was the result of many years of neglecting "self"; where I had made a conscious decision that it was far easier to focus less on myself putting everyone else’s needs before my own. 

Yet deep down I had a knowing that there had to be a better way to live my life. So, I began to seek out alternative ways to overcome my depression, regain direction and reconnect with my goals, dreams and desires. Inspiration came through a 12 month coaching program (where I was the client), which to say the least changed my life!

And thus, my passion and purpose became clear-  to support, strengthen and inspire as many people as I could to live an Inspired Life!